Sukursime savo svetainę, kol sukursime kodą.

iCodingClub teaches computer coding for all ages.
We would like to support other educational organizations with our set curriculum and successful web development software.
After completing the cycox curriculum, students will have their own website based off their own name with a domain name email address.
Student Name: John Smith
Domain Name:
Email Address:

You can apply in any country without restriction.
Currently, the available languages ​​are English.

The educational program of iCodingClub is developed by a coding specialist.
It has the following characteristics.

* Working Level Coding (Coding that is used for real jobs and
   - See parent information for details -
* A strong foundation for all students that will enable them to
continue computer coding for life
   - See parent information for details -
* WebTool + (development tool)
   - A unique software that combines F.T.P. and a text editor

For further details, please fill out the Partnership Application Form.
Once submitted, you will receive further instructions.

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