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Coding Teacher Courses
This is the era of technology.
Coding is now required in a vast amount of careers.
President Barack Obama has emphasized the importance of "coding education" since 2013.
Soon enough, coding will be a mandatory skill set to learn for students in middle school and high school.
As of right now, there is a shortage of coding teachers, which means that coding classes is mostly being provided by private academies or other academic institutions.
One thing that's clear is teachers that know how to code have a promising career ahead.

Training content
1.Coding Fundamentals
2.Coding Languages (coding language: description)
3. Coding Educational Programs

- You can become a coding teacher even if you are not an IT majors.
- Students who take the course will acquire CYCOX Certificates.

iCodingClub Teacher's Club (CTC)

The iCodingClub Teacher's Club (CTC) is a community of worldwide coding teachers. Suddenly coding education is a hot topic all over the world. In many countries, many schools have difficulty in how to teach coding. The direction is more important than speed in coding training. So the success of coding education depends on the training of high quality coding teachers.
The iCodingClub Teacher's Club (CTC) wants to share information about correct coding training. Anyone who is active in a school, academy, or other coding education organization that teaches on the education front line can participate.

- Teacher teaching materials provided
- Invitation to events and seminars
- Coding training information provided
- Supports publishing of educational materials provided by members
- S/W Curriculum Content Development

We hope that everyone will participate.

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